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Indonesia Second Part

4. Designing Response

The objective of this chapter is to develop strategies of intervention that will be implemented in case of disaster. It implies to detail:

Criteria for ACF intervention in Indonesia (threshold of affected people, geographical areas,)
Programme strategies in ACF fields of expertise
Implementation of the response: every step of the response is planned by determining existing capacities and procedures and tools that will be used
5. Activating Response Plan

The goal of this chapter is to give instructions about how to activate the response plan:

Triggers of assessment after occurrence of a natural event or turmoil
Internal coordination between HQ and ACF mission Indonesia
Roles and responsibilities in emergency at mission level
6. Conclusion: Activating Preparedness Plan

This chapter aims to summarise gaps that were identified while doing the plan and to organise a preparedness plan to fill in these gaps. This chapter also aims to plan the updating of the emergency planning process.